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Photo non contractuelle, les tissus, les matières, les couleurs peuvent évoluer selon vos envies

Inspired by the male suit and his tie, the Clara dress reveals all your femininity.

Its sumptuous neckline is highlighted by a tie collar, embroidered with pearls in different textures to capture the light. It has an impeccable fit, with a touch of modernity by its asymmetrical shape and its pockets. The V-neckline of the open back is enhanced by the duchess satin train, black above and fuchsia below, which brings a touch of glamor.


For a day or an evening, the elegance of the Clara dress will accompany you.


Materials used:

Fabrics: Black and fuchsia duchess satin

Embroidery: Mix of black, shiny and matte pearls. It is possible to add Swarovski crystals for more sparkle.

Expertise :

Embroidery made entirely by hand

from 3.900 €
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Affiche Salon du Mariage (1).png
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Affiche Salon du Mariage (1).png

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